Eight veteran journalists from the CBC, National Post, The Athletic and other media organizations and freelance positions have joined the journalism program’s dedicated team of contract instructors for the fall term.

The part-time contract instructors, many of whom continue to work with major media organizations, bring fresh perspectives straight from the workplace and complement the efforts of our 17 full-time journalism faculty members.

The eight new journalism contract instructors are joining a team of 16 part-time instructors for the fall term.

The new fall term contract instructors include:

Anja Karadeglija

Anja Karadeglija – JOUR2201 Fundamentals of Reporting. Anja Karadeglija is a parliamentary reporter with the National Post, where she covers federal politics, with a special focus on internet regulation. Previously, she was editor of The Wire Report, an outlet from Hill Times Publishing. A graduate of Carleton’s Bachelor of Journalism program, Anja also has a B.A. in political science from Carleton. She represents the Ottawa region on the Canadian Association of Journalists’ national board of directors.

Sonja Koenig

Sonja Koenig – JOUR3207 Audio Journalism. Sonja has been a journalist with the CBC for 20 years and is currently a news editor and presenter with CBC Ottawa and CBC’s The World This Hour. She has worked primarily in radio as a reporter, producer and news presenter. Her work has been featured on Maritime Magazine, World Report, CBC News Now and morning and afternoon shows across the country. She spent 10 years of her career with CBC North, where she reported from some of Canada’s most remote communities, helping produce programming around indigenous issues. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of King’s College, and is currently working on an MFA in Creative Nonfiction, also at King’s.

Tracey Lindeman

Tracey Lindeman – JOUR2202 Digital Toolkit.  Tracey Lindeman is a long-time freelance journalist published in The Guardian, The Walrus, Fortune, Canadian Business, Maisonneuve, Canadian Geographic, The Atlantic, the Associated Press, The Globe and Mail, Vice/Motherboard and many other publications. She previously worked as an online reporter-editor at CBC in Montreal. She covers news and current affairs, with specific interests in housing, transportation and social issues including inequity, reproductive rights, radicalization and systemic discrimination.  Tracey holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in journalism (Concordia ’07, Carleton ’22). Her first book, on medical discrimination and gaslighting in endometriosis care, will be out in March 2023. She is a born-and-bred Montrealer currently based in western Quebec. She speaks English, French and Spanish.

Justin Ling

Justin Ling – JOUR3225 Indepth Reporting. Justin Ling is a freelance investigative journalist whose reporting has focused on stories and issues undercovered and misunderstood. His writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, the Guardian, Foreign Policy, WIRED, and elsewhere. He has contributed to CBC’s The National and he has hosted The Village and The Flamethrowers podcasts. His first book, Missing From the Village, was published in 2020.

Ian Mendes

Ian Mendes – JOUR4308 Sports Journalism. Ian has spent the past 20 years working as a sports reporter in the Ottawa market. He is currently a senior writer with The Athletic and serves as the host of ‘The Athletic Hockey Show’ podcast. Prior to that he worked as a television reporter with Sportsnet and as a host with TSN Radio in Ottawa. In 2012, Mendes co-authored the book, ‘The Best Seat in the House’ with former NHL goalie Jamie McLennan. Ian is a graduate of Carleton University’s Bachelor of Journalism program.

David Moscrop

David Moscrop – JOUR5000 Journalism and Society – David Moscrop is a contributing columnist for the Washington Post and the author of Too Dumb for Democracy? Why We Make Bad Political Decisions and How We Can Make Better Ones. He is a political commentator for television, radio, and print media. He is also the host of Open To Debate, a current affairs podcastand Left Looking In. He holds a PhD in political science from the University of British Columbia.

Sat Nandlall

Sat Nandlall – JOUR 3208 Video Journalism. Sat is an award-winning video journalist who has spent over 30 years honing his craft. His career at the CBC saw him in the thick of some of the biggest stories in the last 25 years. From war zones, natural disasters and investigative journalism, he has worked with some of the top journalists in Canada and the States. Looking for a change, he left the CBC to live and work in China for a year for a production company.  After that, it was a year in Lebanon working for UNHCR during the most intense time of the Syrian crisis. Currently, Sat works for Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare services, as the producer/storyteller for the national organization.

Joanne Steventon

Joanne Steventon – JOUR2202 Digital Toolkit. Joanne spent nearly a decade at CBC, where she first worked in communications and audience engagement, and then moved into a producer role on CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning and All in a Day. Joanne completed her Master of Journalism at Carleton University in 2016 with a thesis exploring how three major Canadian newspapers transitioned to digital-first delivery models. Today, Joanne specializes in digital content strategy, and works at a job she loves very much at The Ottawa Hospital.

These new contract instructors join a remarkable team of journalism professionals who are returning to teach as contract instructors this fall. That team includes: Neil Haesler, Charelle Evelyn, Kelly Patterson, Tina Spencer, John Geddes, Karen Keskinen, Dave McKie and Sherrie Beattie.

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