Nana aba Duncan is back in the studio again doing some summer guest-hosting at the CBC alongside her duties as Carleton’s Carty Chair in Journalism, Diversity and Inclusion Studies. 

Duncan has been hosting CBC Radio One’s Day 6 with Brent Bambury, a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the news. It airs on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. ET. 

Nana aba Duncan in studio for CBC’s Day 6

This is the second week in a two-week stint, and Duncan will be interviewing a variety of guests including Keith Ellison, the Minnesota attorney general who led the prosecution of Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who killed George Floyd. 

“It was a lovely surprise to find out I’d be interviewing someone on a story that means so much to me,” Duncan said. “Talking to Keith Ellison and his new book Break The Wheel will be especially gratifying.” 

Duncan will also be having a conversation with Adam Isacson, the Director for Defense Oversight at the Washington Office on Latin America about the harsh treatment asylum seekers are facing at the U.S. border in Texas. Finally, listeners will hear a discussion about the Barbiecore trend ahead of the new Barbie film hitting theatres on Friday.

Last week’s show featured stories about the weaponization of therapy-speak, preserving classic video games and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider’s long journey from ‘80s hair metal to first-time novelist.

Nana aba Duncan and recent Carleton grad Rianna Lim

In a surprising coincidence, the intern producer on the Day 6 team is Rianna Lim, a recent Carleton graduate who was a student in Duncan’s classes. Lim is also working with Duncan on a research project about Black Canadians in politics led by Erin Tolley, Carleton’s Canada Research Chair in Gender, Race, and Inclusive Politics.

This isn’t Duncan’s first time behind the microphone at Day 6. She previously filled in for host Brent Bambury when she was working at CBC Radio. She worked with Bambury in her very first position at CBC Radio, when she was ‘Contest Nana’ on GO! with Brent Bambury, a former Saturday programme.

To tune in, listen to CBC Radio at 10 a.m. ET. and at

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