Wearable Computer

Manufacture Period: 2002

The Xybernaut corporation was founded in 1990 as a computer company. However, since then they have suffered 33 consecutive quarterly losses and declared bankruptcy in 2005. They later emerged from bankruptcy protection following a reorganization of the company. In 2007, the founders were indicted with securities fraud and money laundering. In 2017, they received a permanent injunction against future violations of fraud and closed their business. During that time, they created wearable mobile computing hardware, software and services such as the Atigo tablet PC, Poma wearable computer, and the MA-V wearable computer.  

Manufactured in 2002, the MA-VII, Poma, is a screen-less PDA/pocket PC that runs on the Windows CE 3.0 on Hitachis‘ SH-4 RISC CPU. It ran Windows 98 and a set of PC applications and IBM ViaVoice 1998 speech software. It came with a janky optical mouse, an on-screen keyboard and 32 mb of RAM. Users can download multiple games and software on the product as well. While the product was described as a technological feat due to its futuristic design, it was expensive and difficult to use in terms of its interface design. It also had a poor battery life at only 1.5 to 2 hours.

On loan from Prof. Tracey Lauriault

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