Cell Phone

Manufacture Period: 2003

Brand: Palm

The Treo 600 was developed by Handspring. Founded in 1998 as an electronics company, it was later acquired by Palm Inc who had the same founders. Palm had specialized in personal digital assistants since 1992. Hewlett-Packard bought Palm in 2010, but the brand put an end to production in 2011 due to poor sales.  

Released in November 2003, the Treo 600 is about 12cm by 6cm by 2cm. It was a large phone with a QWERTY keyboard, a menu button and a home button. It has four application buttons for easy access such as browsing, email, calendar and contacts. It featured an earpiece, antenna, SDIO/MMC slot, Infared port, power button and a reset pin hole. It allowed users to take pictures of 640×480. The Treo 600 also had a touch screen and a backlit keyboard.

On loan from Prof. Allan Thompson

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