Students in Carleton’s Bachelor of Media Production and Design program will get a chance to showcase their final year capstone projects in a public event being held on Friday, April 5 at 3 p.m. in Room 4114 Richcraft Hall.

The Capstone Projects course (MPAD4000) is a year-long experiential learning course that allows MPAD students to practice and demonstrate the skills and tools learned in the Bachelor of Media Production and Design program. Since last fall, students have worked with community organizations and partners to produce multi-media projects and expand their digital and media storytelling skills.

Working in groups of three to four, the students have partnered with community and industry partners to develop a digital media product that tells a story about a partner organization. They have learned the partner’s needs, brainstormed ideas, and used project management skills to develop a proposal and execute the project by this final exhibition at the end of this winter term.

One group of students is working with Gallery 101 to help  them design and develop a website. Student Tyler says, “Our group’s goal is to bring the art to the website. Using our various design and multimedia skills, we will incorporate professional videos, 3D models, interactive features and graphic designs into our website.”

Another group of students is working on an app about journalists at risk in partnership with Carleton’s journalisms program. Student Ryan says, “We are excited to present our project and hoping our project becomes the ultimate sidekick for journalists out there tackling the online world!”

Another group has been working in Thunder Bay with Indigenous Youth to bring together youth from Carleton University, northern Indigenous youth, and other multicultural backgrounds to exchange ideas that promote growth and wellness. Student Danicka says, “We are excited to reveal our Indigenous youth-led project/program that really emphasizes the importance of self-care and self-esteem!”

The title of this year’s Capstone showcase is Better Future. Better Future speaks to the timely and urgent stories each of the student groups are telling through their multimedia projects. These students are our future, and through their work they hope to better the Carleton University and Ottawa community.

Dr. Stéfy McKnight, the instructor of MPAD 4000 says “It is always a pleasure to supervise and mentor fourth year BMPD students completing their capstone projects, because I get to see how much students have grown over the time spent in their degree. The BMPD students are incredibly talented and creative. It makes me excited to know they are the next generation of leaders!”

Students exhibiting work are Danicka Villavicencio, Winnie Situ, Erica Le, Oswin Huang, Chloe Statham, Edie Annenkov, Stefan Warwick, Ryan Ellis, Jolie Nguyen, Yunya Zhang, Ann Song, Sebastian Frank, Theo Dunn, Kayleigh Lewis, Mateja Blazhevski, Kai Dao, Kiersten Robinson, Isaac Deans, JiaZiRuo Sun, Xiaoman Lin, Tyler Olinik, Zeyad Mohamed, Owen Xu, Ge Fang, Lyndsay St-Come, Beatrice Marie Villadelgado, Cara Garneau, Phil Doucet, Max Peacock, Lauren McLaughlin, Elysse Le Roy, and Will Osborne.

The exhibition will be held on Carleton University’s Campus, in Richcraft hall.

Date: April 5th, 2024, at 3:00pm

Location: Richcraft Hall Room 4114 and 4115, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6

For further information contact Ryan Ellis, one of the featured group members.

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