How investigative journalism is turning people on again

Kevin Donovan, investigative reporter and editor at the Toronto StarThree National Newspaper Awards, three Canadian Association of Journalism Awards, two Michener Awards. Kevin Donovan’s brand of tough investigative reporting has resulted in numerous industry accolades as he zeroes in on stories that matter to people—from Rob Ford to the ORNGE air ambulance file.

Donovan delivered the 16th Annual Kesterton Lecture for the School, focusing on the importance of investigative journalism at a time of shifts and uncertainty within the news industry. He is the Toronto Star’s top investigative reporter and editor.

March 12, 2015

J-Source live blog

“”At its heart, journalism is simply that: Listening to others and determining if they have a story to tell. If they do, how to prove it, and how to tell it,” says Donovan.”

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J-Source news story

“Unlike journalists who sound a death knell for the industry, Donovan is a cheerleader of students hoping to build a career out of telling stories.

“When you do get that tougher-than-tough assignment, you’ll find the experiences you have as a young reporter will be the building blocks you stand on as you build your career,” he said.”

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