Photo of Brady, Miranda

Miranda Brady

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Supervisor
Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 8396
Building:Richcraft Hall, Room 4106A
Department:School of Journalism and Communication


Miranda J. Brady is an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Communication and cross-appointed with the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies. She holds a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Mass Communication with a minor in Social Thought.

Research Areas

  • Motherhood and Reproductive Labour
  • Media and Disability
  • Critical Autism Studies
  • Indigenous Identity Constructs and Cultural Institutions

Dr. Brady’s work takes a critical/cultural approach and explores the construction of identity in the media and other cultural institutions. Her recent research follows two major veins related to Communication and Media Studies: 1.) Reproductive labour and gender and 2.) Critical Autism Studies. Dr. Brady is a settler who lives on unceded, unsurrendered Algonquin territory.

Current Projects

Dr. Brady’s current research, broadly called The Bad Mothers Project, investigates the changing expectations of gender roles in relation to motherhood and reproductive labour. Dr. Brady’s recent written work in this area has examined tensions between millennials and their parents, anti-vaxx moms, and horror films coming out of Second Wave Feminism.

Dr. Brady’s second line of inquiry examines the intersections of autism and the entertainment industry. She explores cultural sites that shape perceptions of autism and looks to shifting definitions to understand autism as a culturally and historically contingent phenomenon that relates (sometimes tangentially) to lived experiences. Her work is rooted in a community-based social model and first-hand knowledge.

Selected Publications

Works on Motherhood (The Bad Mothers Project)

  • Brady, Miranda J.“His Mother Was a Jackal”: Reproductive Labour and the Horrors of Second Wave Feminism. (Article manuscript in preparation).
  • Hiltz, Emily; Christiansen, Erika and Miranda J. Brady. (Forthcoming). Good Karen, Bad Karen: Visual Culture and the Anti-Vaxx Mom on Reddit. In Andrew Wilson (ed.). Conspiracy Theories: Representations of the Political in an Age of Populism, Routledge, UK.

Works in Critical Autism Studies 

  • Brady, Miranda J. and Cardin, Melodie. Your Typical Atypical Family: Streaming Apolitical Autism on Netflix. (Article manuscript under review).

Selected Works in Indigenous Studies 

  • Brady, Miranda J. & Kelly, John M.H. We Interrupt This Program: Indigenous Media Tactics in Canadian Culture. Vancouver: UBC Press (October 2017). 
  • Brady, Miranda J. & Hiltz, Emily. (2017). The Archaeology of an Image: The Persistent Persuasion of Thomas Moore Keesick’s Residential School Photographs. Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, 37: 61-85.
  • Aronczyk, Melissa & Brady, Miranda J. (2015). Branding History at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Canadian Journal of Communication. 40. 40(2): 165-184.
  • Brady, Miranda J. & Antoine, D. (2012). Decolonize Wall Street! Situating Indigenous Critiques of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. American Communication Journal, 14(3): 1-10.