Photo of Capurro, Gabriela

Gabriela Capurro

PhD Student/Instructor


Gabriela Capurro is a PhD candidate in Communication Studies and an instructor in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University. She teaches the first-year seminar “Scientific controversies in the Media” in which students examine how various controversies are constructed and maintained in the media, from genetic modification and vaccination to artificial intelligence and nuclear power. Her research interests include media representations of outbreaks; science and risk communication of emerging diseases; and the use of ethnomethodologies in the study of risk. Her dissertation analyses the social construction of “superbugs” as a public health risk. Gabriela holds a SSHRC doctoral award and she has a M.A. in Journalism Studies from Concordia University (Montreal).

Interests: Risk communication, science communication, public understanding of science, antimicrobial resistance.