Photo of Graham, Katie

Katie Graham

Instructor II / Program Director for Media Production and Design (interim)

    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 5107
    Building:Richcraft Hall, Room 4201
    Department:School of Journalism and Communication


    Katie Graham received her BAS (2008) and M.ARCH (2010) in architecture at the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism at Carleton University. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in Architecture with a focus on the relationship between architecture and virtual reality storytelling, focusing on how the emerging medium introduces new narrative possibilities.

    Prior to her appointment as Instructor in the Bachelor of Media Production and Design, Katie was actively involved for a decade with Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS), a research lab affiliated with the School of Architecture whose focus is on how advanced digital technologies and hybrid forms of representation can reveal the invisible aspects of architecture. While at CIMS, she led multiple digitally assisted storytelling projects that use CIMS’ digital assets such as panoramas, models, and point cloud data to create public outreach projects for the web, mobile and virtual reality. Such projects include the Senate Virtual Tour – a web application that uses panoramas, photographs, and photogrammetry to teach of the Senate of Canada’s architectural home; and the VR Kiosk – five passive virtual reality stories focusing on the rehabilitation project of the Canadian Parliament Buildings.

    Katie has taught as a contract instructor at both Carleton University for the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism and Algonquin College in the Bachelor of Building Science Program. She has a passion for learning, research, and new technology that she brings to the classroom setting.

    Selected Publications

    Graham K, Chow, L, Fai S (Forthcoming). From BIM to VR: Defining a Level of Detail to Guide Virtual Reality Narratives. Journal of Information Technology in Construction.

    Graham K, Pybus C, Arellano N, Doherty J, Chow, L, Grunt T, Fai S (Forthcoming). Defining Geometry Levels to Optimize BIM for VR: Insights from Traditional Architectural Media. Technology | Architecture + Design Journal.

    Graham K, Fai S, Chow L (2018). “Level of Detail, Information, and Accuracy in Building Information
    Modeling of Existing And Heritage Buildings.” Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development, 8 (4), 495-507.

    Graham K, Fai S (2018). “Creating Non-Linear Digital Stories of the Canadian Parliament Buildings and Rehabilitation Project.” Digital Heritage 2018 Conference. San Francisco, United States of America.

    Graham K, Dhanda A, Tousant K, Weigert A, Fai S (2017). “The VR Kiosk: How Passive Observant VR Storytelling Enhanced the Physical Tour of Parliament Hill and Disseminated the Rehabilitation Project.” VSMM 2017: 23rd International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia Dublin, Ireland.

    She has authored and co-authored many conference papers on how digitally assisted storytelling can aid in the dissemination of the Canadian Parliament Rehabilitation Project. Recent papers include From BIM to VR: Defining a Level of Detail to Guide Virtual Reality Narratives presented at ConVR 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand and Creating Non-Linear Digital Stories of the Canadian Parliament Buildings and Rehabilitation Project presented at Digital Heritage 2018 in San Francisco, USA.