Photo of Jackson, David

David Jackson

Instructor/Adjunct Research Professor


David Jackson is Carleton University’s Teaching and Learning Librarian and a Contract Instructor and Adjunct Professor in Communications in Media Studies. His extensive background in the Ottawa music scene as an organizer and musician working in many genres informs his work as a sound studies scholar. He is the Co-Programming Director of the Improvising Musicians of Ottawa and Outwards.

His research is focused on artistic practice as a methodology for understanding the overlapping categories of ecology, sound, and media. David is interested in thinking how sound and the “sonic” have been influenced by the overlapping and interconnected histories of sound art, soundscape studies, and ecology. His 2016 dissertation Becoming Sonic: Ambient Poetics and the Ecology of Listening in Four Militant Sound Investigations examined politically oriented listening practices influenced by feminist, ecological, and queer perspectives in the development of listening as a vital media process.

David has taught courses on Piracy [COMS 4800], Environmental Communication [COMS 4311], and the Networked Self [COMS 4405]. In Winter 2021 he is teaching Screen Studies [COMS4313].

Selected Publications

Jackson, David C. (2019). Rhythm Politics: Militant Sound Investigation, Tactical Media, and Listening to Los Angeles’ Public Housing Redevelopment of Aliso Village, Democratic Communiqué, Vol. 28., No. 2 2019 pp. 14–27.

Jackson, D. (2019). Repetition, Feedback, and Temporality in Two Compositions by William Basinski. Intermédialités: histoire et théorie des arts, des lettres et des techniques/Intermediality: History and Theory of the Arts, Literature and Technologies, (33).

Jackson, D. C. (2017). The Sonic Anthropocene: Dark Ecological Soundscapes in Chris Watson’s ‘Vatnajökull’. Evental Aesthetics, 6(1), 43-62.