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Merlyna Lim is a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Digital Media and Global Network Society. Prior to joining the Carleton University community, she held research and teaching positions at Princeton University, Arizona State University, the University of Southern California, KITLV (the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies), and the East West Center.

Lim’s research and teaching interests revolve around political and cultural implications of media and technology, in relations to globalization, democratization, and social change. Lim’s past and current research projects are predominantly conducted in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

As the CRC, Lim’s current projects deal with conceptual and theoretical understanding of the actual (neither imagined nor desired) role of digital media in supporting contemporary social movements and transforming politics globally. By reading and analyzing social movements spatially, this research offers an in-depth understanding of the relationship between movements, urban space and digital media. Using empirical evidence from various contexts, the research will generate conceptual and theoretical frameworks of the dialectical interplay between digital media and physical urban spaces in the making of contemporary social movements.

Selected Publications

For more publications, see:

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COMM 5214F Communication & Globalization

COMM/JOUR 3405A Communication in a Global Context