Photo of Zandile Chiwanza

Zandile Chiwanza

Personal Finance Journalist

Degrees:BJ '16

Empowering Canadian newcomers with financial literacy

Self-proclaimed “budget warrior” and personal finance journalist Zandile Chiwanza is on a mission to improve financial health among Canadians, especially newcomers. As a former international student, Chiwanza knows firsthand the challenges of navigating a foreign system without a thorough understanding of one’s financial resources. Now as a journalist at, she channels her financial savvy and apt for writing into a clear but thundering call to action: Get your mindset and your money right. In just a few years, she’s proven herself a force within the industry and has earned features on popular personal finance podcasts while gaining recognition for her work to highlight the connection between financial wellness, mental health and race. Though Chiwanza is committed to empowering newcomers to Canada with the financial literacy they need to succeed, her overarching message is for everyone: No matter your circumstances, financial wealth and wellness are attainable.