Alumni Memory: Hugo Rodrigues, BJ ’00

The Rebirth of J-Prom!

This would have to be working with Dan McHardie and others on a graduation dinner / dance for the B.Journ. and M.J. class of 2000. It hadn’t been done as far back as people could remember. We managed, for a relatively affordable cost of $50 per ticket, to organize a night at the Chateau Laurier, with a meal and DJ.

After getting past the idea stage, then the hard work began. The most-challenging and amusing part of which was digging through third- and fourth-year video tapes in the archives to edit a video we screened at the dinner. What made it so much fun was finding a clip of everyone in the graduating class– as you can imagine, not everyone took video-related classes, so some of our peers only had brief clips in the archive from third year. Staying too late in the edit suite one night, we couldn’t return the tapes we had checked out. Dan adroitly gave the tech flowers the next day to apologize.

The event was a highlight of the term and year, and as I understood from graduates in the subsequent years, became a recurring end-of-term j-prom. – Hugo Rodrigues (BJ ’00)

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