Alumni Memory: Kaitlynn (Kaity) Mendes , BJ ’05

A Memorable Mistake

Some of my best memories are of the countless hours with my peers – from trudging out across the city by public transport lugging around heavy equipment, to hours spent in the editing suite, to ‘production days’ which were long and gave so many chances to just chat in between other times of panic and stress.

I will never forget one day when my TV film crew and I trudged up to Ottawa U to do some filming, and I realized I forgot the tape (back in the days when it was analogue!). My partner, Steph Arduini could have been so mad, but hopped in a taxi back to Carleton to grab the tape and rushed back. We got the footage in the end and then she took me to hers for some food! She was so generous when I could have wrecked the assignment!

Other thanks to Klaus Pohle, Barbara Freeman, Kanina Homes, John Medicinehorse Kelly (who taught me how to write in an active voice- one of my most valuable skills) and Chris Waddell – we were so lucky to have such great staff. – Kaity Mendes (BJ ’05)

Alumni Memories are part of Carleton Journalism’s 75th Anniversary.

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