Dr. Kathleen Moss (Contract Instructor with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology) and Dr. Jessica Whitley (Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa) have been selected as recipients of a 2021 Shared Online Projects Initiative (SOPI) grant. Drs. Moss and Whitley’s innovative project looks to design a fourth-year undergraduate course in sociology of education at Carleton and to modify an existing graduate course in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa, EDU 5113: Inclusive & Special Education.

This cross institutional collaboration offers students from both universities the opportunity to address practical teaching and learning strategies, the theoretical principles, and research underlying them. Students will have the opportunity to engage in shared reading groups and to participate in an Educational Symposium where final projects will be shared. For Carleton students, engaging with graduate students in the Faculty of Education allows them to benefit from interdisciplinary thinking with regards to the course topics and explore experiential learning from practical, and research-informed lenses.