Tonya Davidson, Deborah Landry, and William Flynn have received resident nominations for the 2021-2022 Favourite Faculty member program. Each year, Housing and Residence Life Services send out a survey to all students living in residence to give them an opportunity to submit a nomination for their favourite faculty member. Read about what students living in residence had to say about Tonya, Deborah, and William (Billy) below.

a photo of Professors Davidson, Landry, and Flynn

From left to right: Dr. Tonya Davidson, Dr. Deborah Landry, and Dr. William Flynn

“Professor Davidson goes out of her way by planning class field trips and creating scavenger hunt assignments which really makes FYSM1506B a great class! Her lectures are always interesting and I find that she makes learning both fun and enjoyable. Her class is what I look most forward to every week!”

“She (Deborah Landry) is committed to “decolonizing the classroom”, she is open to feedback, she offers to teach us what we want to know, and she is very understanding when we request extensions.”

“Professor Landry cares for her students and puts our well-being first. She has provided us with many resources that we can access if we’re struggling with mental health problems and she is very understanding when it comes to students different situations. She is a great professor and I loved taking her class and I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate the steps she’s taken to make her course engaging and friendly for everyone.”

“Deb does such an amazing job with her live lectures, she is engaging and understands that students have a life outside of class that needs to be taken into consideration. She has always been extremely accommodating and uses unique grading methods to ensure the success of everyone in her class. I learned more from Deb this semester than I have from any of my other professors.”

“He (William Flynn) made online class super engaging and really helped me understand concepts”

“He is my favourite faculty member because he makes his lectures very easy to follow along with and explains things very well, all while making the class enjoyable! His assignments were fun to write as well! He took a lot of the scary stress away from my first year! He is a very nice guy and i enjoyed being in his class this term”