Biology PhD Student, Jordanna Bergman, is conducting research as part of a three-year project to determine the impact of human activities on the health of the Rideau ecosystem and help Parks Canada come up with effective management policies.

Bergman and undergraduate Biology students Gagliardi and Killeen are catching and tagging pike and bass on Big Rideau Lake, an hour and a half southwest of Ottawa.

Bergman’s supervisors — Prof. Steven Cooke, a Canada Research Professor in Environmental Science, and Biology Prof. Joseph Bennett, both investigators on the $650,000 NSERC-funded research project with Parks Canada — are in a second boat with post-doctoral fellow Hsien-Yung Lin, catching more fish to tag.

The project that Cooke and Bennett are part of, along with fellow Carleton faculty member Jesse Vermaire from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, four other university professors (including a hydraulic engineering and an environmental sociologist) and two Parks Canada scientists, is investigating both the Rideau and Trent-Severn Waterway, and includes the Big Rideau Lake Association, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and Muskies Canada as partners.

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Also in CBC news today,

Researchers Jordanna Bergman, Brenna Gagliardi and André Kileen are tagging and tracking round goby fish in the Rideau Canal.

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