The Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team (CUSERT) is a student-run campus medical response team that operates as a branch of Carleton’s Campus Safety Services. CUSERT provides free on-call emergency medical first response 24/7 on campus, covers Carleton events, and teaches first aid classes for the Carleton community. If you have any emergency on campus, call 613-520-4444 or 4444 from any campus phone.

This is a positive way to spend your free time that involves helping others in the Carleton community, getting to know other students, improving your first aid skills, and working directly with other members of Campus Safety Services. CUSERT responders come from various backgrounds, programs, and years and often credit their experiences on CUSERT with helping them succeed in their future career paths.

The application deadline is this Friday, September 15th. You can learn more about the requirements here and contact if you have any questions.