The Enriched Support Program (ESP) is a full-time program that helps students to qualify for university admission while earning first-year university credits. ESP students take first-year credit courses while benefiting from weekly workshops designed to give students the advantage they need to achieve excellence.

At the end of their ESP year, students who achieve the necessary average across their courses are eligible for acceptance to several degree programs including:

*Additional requirements may apply, please see our program page for details.

ESP students enrol in up to three first-year university courses; one core First-Year-Seminar (Fall/Winter term students) or CIED (for Winter term students) and two additional first-year introductory credits.

The First Year Seminar/Core Course course helps students develop the reading, writing and critical thinking skills required for university level study while exploring academic subjects in depth. Former ESP students work in the seminar as mentors, providing transition support.

For the other two courses, students also attend regular weekly, small-group workshops, where they develop strategies to help them excel. The workshops are designed to develop the skills and habits students need to succeed at university.

Academic Advantage Coaching is additional support offered to students to help them develop skills in reading and writing as well as in other areas such as time management, organization, setting goals and staying focused.  The coaches are able to focus on individual students and support their learning in the context of their studies.

ESP students are fully integrated into the Carleton University community.

  • They attend classes along with Carleton University degree¬†students
  • They participate in all forms of university life (athletics, clubs, societies, etc).
  • They are evaluated according to the same standards.
  • At the end of each course, they are given the same universally recognized university credit.

The credit courses that students complete with ESP may count toward their newly-declared degree program. For ESP Application information, click here.

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