Green Fund Program

A $1 Million revolving fund that provides capital for projects that improve Carleton’s Energy and Sustainability performance and reduce campus emissions.

The Carleton University Green Fund Program offers two types of capital to reduce our emissions, improve energy efficiency and inspire a culture focused on a low-carbon economy.

The major $1 million Green Revolving Fund (GRF) provides capital for high performance campus design, operations, maintenance, and occupant behavior projects. The micro Green Engagement Fund (GEF) provides capital limited to $500 or less, to both engage and communicate sustainability issues or ideas. GEF projects do not require a payback on investment.

Evaluation Criteria

The main criteria for funding projects will be to undertake those with both a positive environmental impact and strong financial plan. In order to fully assess project submissions the Green Fund Committee (GFC) will receive applications throughout the year, with submissions reviewed in December.

Funding will be provided for up to 3 projects, under both the GRF and GEF. While we welcome all ideas and innovations to inspire sustainability, proposed projects should aim to support the goals and objectives outlined in Carleton’s Sustainability Strategic Plan, Energy Master Plan and Campus Master Plan. These all support our wider aims to reduce the university’s carbon footprint and enhance sustainability.

Applicants are encouraged to review all applicable information before beginning the application process. This includes the evaluation criteria, Green Revolving Fund specific information, and Green Engagement Fund information.

In addition to submitting ideas through the above pages all sustainability ideas, including Green Fund proposals can be submitted via ideas@carleton, which has a specific sustainability section highlighted on the homepage.