Green Revolving Fund

UPDATE – The Green Revolving Fund is now accepting submissions. This is your opportunity to shape the campus and make our community more sustainable. Entries close January 20th 2017.


Project winners 2015

This year we received, once again, a great response from the Carleton community. All the projects submissions were of a high caliber and demonstrated clear links to our sustainable programs and the overall aims of the fund.

The Green Revolving Fund committee would like to warmly congratulate the following projects, which will be funded and implemented in the coming year. These entries were highlighted as being very worthwhile projects, with realistic costs and project expectations. The committee also felt the ideas complement the ongoing sustainability program and were highlighted for good water or energy savings.

First place winner – Tennis Bubble insulation and conservation project – Yolana Junco and John Wilson

This project aims to reduce utility and operational costs by 30% (electricity, gas and maintenance), as well as change all the lighting to LED lights.

Second place – Campus Kitchen Exhaust Retrofit – Chad McKenzie and Travis Morton

This project will reduce the loss of conditioned air from buildings, reduce fan electrical usage through scheduling and increase safety for occupants and operators (no need for manual switch off).

Third place – Sustainable Vacuum pumps for science – Tina Preseau and Peter Mosher

The project will stop the wasting of over 1400 cubic meters of water/ per year from laboratories operations. Water currently being used to create a vacuum, by a water aspirator,  will be replaced by compressed air powered vacuum pumps.

For more information on this years project submissions: Green Fund Projects 2015


A $1 Million revolving fund that provides capital for projects that improve Carleton’s Energy and Sustainability performance and reduce campus emissions.

Since its inception in 2013, Carleton University has supported a $1 million revolving fund that provides capital for high performance campus design, operations, maintenance, and occupant behavior projects. The main criteria for funding projects will be to undertake those with both a positive environmental impact and strong financial plan.

In order to fully assess project submission the Green Revolving Fund Committee (GRFC) will receive application once a year with funding provided for 3 projects.

The model is simple:

  • GRF provides the upfront capital costs
  • Applicant department / workplace agree to replay the fund via savings achieved by project related reductions in utility consumption, waste removal, or operating costs.
  • The payback formula allows

Proposed projects should look to support goals and objectives outlined in Carleton’s Sustainability Strategic Plan, Energy Master Plan and Campus Master Plan. These all support out wider aims to reduce the university’s carbon footprint and enhance its overall sustainability. Please see links below:

Sustainability Strategic Plan

Energy Master Plan

Campus Master Plan

Project criteria

GRF projects should relate to the main criteria of; reduction of environmental impact, enhancing the student experience, providing innovation, risk reduction and demonstration of social and/or community responsibility. Eligible projects include ones that:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce energy use
  • Reduce water use
  • Reduce pollutants
  • Improve operations
  • Educate occupants
  • Install renewable energy

The application should address the relevant non-financial information above, and include as much of the following financial information as you can provide:

  • Initial cash investment required
  • Useful life of the project
  • Annual costs avoided (gross savings) and/or revenues generated over the life of the project

This information will allow the GRFC to rate projects. The GRFC may request additional information about shortlisted projects.

How to apply

Applicants are encouraged to contact the GRFC when starting the process of applying to address any questions. Please email

Once any questions have been addressed, fill out the application form.

A sample application has been provided for reference.

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