Green Engagement Fund

Project criteria

GEF projects should, as with the GRF, relate to the main criteria of; reduction of environmental impact, enhancing the student experience, providing innovation, risk reduction and demonstration of social and/or community responsibility.

Eligible projects include ones that engage and/or communicate issues related to:
• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Reduce energy use
• Reduce water use
• Reduce pollutants
• Improve operations
• Educate occupants
• Install renewable energy

The application should also address the following key points:

1. Explain your project title and its goals

2. If applicable, please provide a description of the proposed project location.

3. Is your project associated with any recognized student organization(s)?

4. Which environmental improvements will your project address on campus, and why is addressing these sustainability components important?

5. Describe the impacts your project will have on other students and/or the campus community.

6. Describe the benefits of your project, including financial, environmental, and/or social impacts. How will these benefits be measured?

This information will allow the GRFC to rate projects. The GRFC may request additional information about shortlisted projects.

How to apply

Applicants are encouraged to contact the GRFC when starting the process of applying to address any questions.

Once the above questions have been addressed please email with your completed submission.