Please beware of phishing email scams, which appear to be from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), or other health officials and are about the Coronavirus. The messages may suggest clicking on a link or to download a document or report, or to respond for more information. These emails should be deleted immediately.

Refer to the Spam email claiming to be from CDC for a sample of this type of phishing campaign:

Spam email claiming to be from CDC

Spam email claiming to be from CDC

If you have already fallen for this scam or to other similar scams, please contact Campus Safety Services immediately.

How can you tell if emails or online posts are scams?

  • The sender asks to send money/or other form of money such as Bitcoin, gift cards, cheques, etc.
  • Asks you for your password or directs you to a webform asking for your password
  • The subject line is in all caps
  • There is a call for immediate action – “download this now” or “confirm your email identity now” or “Action Required: To deposit your money, Start Claim” or “click on the link below”
  • There are spelling or grammatical errors in the email

Please visit our IT security webpage for more tips on protecting yourself online.