Some Carleton students have been outside of Canada for much of the past year. As they plan their travel to Canada for Fall 2021, they should be informed as to whether they are required to take a new immigration medical exam.

A medical exam is required:

  • If the Carleton student has lived in an area on the list of designated countries/territories for more than 6 months in the past year;
  • Or if they want to work in certain jobs that involve close contact with other people;
  • And if any previous medical results are more than one year old.

This requirement may be examined before the student boards their flight to Canada, and again upon arrival in Canada. It will certainly be examined the next time the student applies for a study permit or work permit.

Students planning travel to Canada for the first time should confirm the validity of their visa in their IRCC account.  If more than 12 months have passed since their medical exam, they may see that their visa is invalid for travel.  They should also receive an email from IRCC explaining that this is an administrative hold and what steps they must take to reactivate the visa.

An immigration medical exam must be done by a panel physician — meaning a doctor who is approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Students can contact a panel physician directly to request an appointment for a medical exam.

The doctor will provide the student with a document to use as proof the exam took place. Exam results are sent directly to IRCC.

Complete and official information about immigration medical exams may be found at the IRCC website.

international students planning on travelling to Canada in the coming months are required to take an immigration medical exam. International students and visitors to Canada that are staying for less than 6 months will only need a medical examination to work certain jobs; for example: those planning to work in healthcare, school settings, and nursery care facilities. Those who have lived in more than one country or territory for more than 6 months over the last year will require medical examination upon entry into the country. Please consult the IRCC webpage for detailed information on how to book a medical exam and the resources that are available to you.