Summer is a time when many students relocate or travel. The summer months are also a time when many study permits expire; and when students are waiting for the arrival of the co-op work permit they need for their fall work term.

An application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) should include a mailing address where a new permit will be received and held safely. Students who are planning to move or be away for a while might use the home of a trusted friend or family member. Students who don’t have this option might wish to investigate Canada Post’s holding or forwarding services.

It’s not unusual for a new study or work permit to go astray after being issued and mailed by IRCC and before reaching the student. In this case, the student will probably have to apply for a replacement document.  If the student has their approval notice from IRCC they are authorized to study or work as a permit holder. However, employers and Service Canada usually ask to see the actual permit. Our website has some helpful resources on how to apply for a study permit extension.

Students who will travel outside of Canada in the summer should remember they need a travel authorization to return to Canada. This is either a Temporary Resident visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). A study permit on its own does not authorize travel to Canada. An application for a TRV must wait until after the renewed study permit is approved, and every year some students leave Canada without taking the second step of applying for the TRV.

Students who leave Canada without a valid visa can apply for one outside of Canada, but processing time and therefore the timing of travel back to Canada can be uncertain. It’s best to have a new visa before leaving Canada or else plan to return before a current visa expires. Learn more about Travel and Travel Documents and contact our Immigration Advisors with any questions you might have at