The increased use of mobile technologies; e.g.; laptops, smartphones, tablet computers, and portable storage devices, enables the processing, accessing and storage of sensitive University data outside of the physical and logical security boundaries of the University’s network.

To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information systems at the University, information security requirements must be placed on the use of mobile technology within the operations of the University.

If you use a portable computer, employ the following safeguards in the event that the device is lost:

  • Install and enable Firewall software
  • Use Carleton’s enterprise antivirus
  • Install updates and patches when prompted
  • Use a strong password
  • Enable disk encryption

If you need help employing any of these safeguards, contact the ITS Service Desk.

In addition to protecting your device, you should:

  • Lock up your university owned laptop or tablet when you are not around, either in a secure area or via a cable-lock.
  • Store sensitive information on your portable computer only for as long as it is required and remove the data in a secure manner when it is no longer needed.
  • Dispose of university owned portable computers through ITS Hardware Services. Hardware Services will ensure that all data is securely erased prior to disposal.

Read more about protecting your mobile devices in the new Mobile Technology Security policy.  This policy covers portable computers, portable storage media, smartphones and tablets.