My first day as an intern was both an interesting and a fun one. I had already met the CIJA team the previous Thursday, when I went in for a quick orientation session, but this was my first official day at the office. Starting a new job is always exciting. I knew I was going to be a part of the communications team, but was not exactly aware of what my daily task were going to be. I made sure to wake up a bit earlier than most days, even if I am NOT a morning person, and packed my lunch the night before. I hopped on my bike and before long I had made it to the office.

Minutes after arriving, I took part in their daily communication meeting, where members of the Toronto and Ottawa offices video chat about upcoming or ongoing social media and outreach projects. It became clear that numerous people were designated strictly to focus on the communications aspect of CIJA, and it was a great feeling to know you are part of a serious team. After the conference call, my supervisor Richard Clark pulled me into the conference room to give me a rundown of the work to come. First, he gave me an in-depth explanation of CIJA’s goals and priorities. Being able to work on projects that align with your beliefs, whether they be political or personal, is very important to me and CIJA’s were very compatible with mine. He also told me about the various Canadian Jewish Federations that they work in partnership with. Finally, he gave me a rundown of my task for the day; creating advertisements with the use of Photoshop. I had spent countless hours over the summer learning the software, and being able to utilize my newly developed skills was exciting.

I was seated at my desk next to a fellow intern, and I spent my day photoshopping banners, leaderboard and images all of which will soon make their way online, as ads on Google. I had full creative freedom to stylize the images in whatever manner I felt would be the most persuasive. Throughout the day, I was also presented to everyone in the office, as they offered advice and helpful suggestions for my work. Just before heading home, I was asked by Richard to help carry several cases of wine, for their annual wine and cheese which was slated to take place in a few days. After that, I headed home, eager to return the following week. I enjoyed the office space, my co-workers and the task I was assigned. I feel like my contributions to CIJA are important, and throughout the year, they will help me acquire valuable professional skills.

Jared Hillel

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