The Zelikovitz Centre is proud of this work, produced in collaboration with CHES between 2015-2020, while CHES was affiliated with the ZC.

Below you will find the complete half hour video of each of the survivors’ oral history, and an additional 11th testimony, which was recorded by a hand-held camera.

Elly Bollegraaf

Elly Bollegraaf, born in 1940 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Survived as a hidden child in the south of Holland.

Tova Clark

Tova Clark, born in 1939 in Opeln, Germany. Child survivor, survived in Shanghai, China.

Jessica Fiksel

Jessica Fiksel, born in 1930 in Lwow, Poland. Child survivor, survived by hiding in a barn dugout for 22 months.

Vera Gara

Vera Gara, born in 1933 in Vienna, Austria. Child survivor, survived the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Dr. Agnes Klein, MD

Dr. Agnes Klein, MD, born in 1937 in Brasov, Romania. Child survivor, survived on a farm in Romania.

Raoul Korngold

Raoul Korngold, born in 1936 in Strasbourg, France. Child survivor, survived under false identity in France.

Cantor Kraus

Cantor Kraus, born in 1923 in Uzhorod, Czechoslovakia. Survived Bor labor camp (Serbia) and the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Kati Morrison

Kati Morrison, born in 1940, Budapest, Hungary. Child survivor, survived in a safe house and in Budapest Ghetto.

David Moskovic

David Moskovic, born in 1929 in Koňuš, Czechoslovakia. Survived Bunalager (Buna) slave labor camp and Buchenwald concentration camp.

Judy Young Drache

Judy Young Drache, born in 1943 in Budapest, Hungary. Child survivor, survived as a hidden baby in Budapest.

Dr. Erwin Koranyi

Dr. Erwin Koranyi, born in Budapest, Hungary in 1924. Survived with the help of a Schutz-pass given to him by Raoul Wallenberg.