The Practical Certificate in Insider Risk Management – Investigations

NPSIA-PT&D, in cooperation with the Canadian Insider Risk Management Centre of Excellence is pleased to announce the pilot offering of our new Investigations workshop.  This 2-day, online program joins our Foundations for Screening and Risk Factors workshop in a growing suite of Insider Risk Management training experiences.

Concern about insider threat and continuous assurance has increased exponentially for government, public and private organizations which has put the onus on employers to focus upon human factors when establishing controls to protect their critical assets. Organizations rely upon initial investigational discovery and analysis to determine if further action is required to mitigate potential insider threats, or conduct investigations in response to an attack by an insider threat. Administrative investigations are essential for protecting an organization’s assets, including sensitive information, financial resources, and intellectual property. By identifying and addressing insider threats, organizations can safeguard their most valuable resources.

In this workshop participants will learn to understand several key areas of consideration involved in the conduct of administrating investigations of insider threats in either public or private industry. A detailed process framework is utilized to assist with repeatable processes and outcomes regardless of the circumstances of insider threats’ underlying motives and allow for the gathering of information to arrive at an objective and defensible employment decision.

Pilot Date:  August 28 and 29, 2024

Registration: Registration is now open.  Before proceeding please review our cancellation and withdrawal policies here.

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Location: ONLINE
Pilot workshop Fee:  $ 500.00 + HST
Note: the anticipated fee for this workshop in future offerings is $ 700.00 + HST.

Learning objectives of the workshop:

• understanding of the present threat environment and different insider threat types,
• investigations preparation and understanding of behavioural indicators,
• detailed components of the investigative process, including identifying the investigative issue and establishing the scope of
the investigation, gathering data, analysis, response as part of overall risk management, and reporting,
• considerations on when to report to the police of jurisdiction, as well as when to take legal actions,
• proactive measures.

Our featured Instructor: Denis Desnoyers

Mr. Desnoyers is a retired Superintendent with over 35 years of experience in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). In Denis’ career with the RCMP he held several notable
positions, including Officer in Charge of Sensitive and International Investigations; Contingent Commander, Haiti; Senior Investigator Elections Canada; Officer in Charge Ottawa Detachment; Officer in Charge Integrated Market Enforcement Operations; Senior Police Advisor Afghanistan; Divisional Intelligence Officer; and Detective Inspector Commercial Crime.
His academic background includes Carleton University (Criminology), University of Waterloo (Accounting and Related Services), and Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology (Criminal Justice/Police Science).