Diplomat and Foreign Service Training is an intensive program offered by NPSIA Professional Training and Development to Canadian and International clients on a customized basis.

This program consists of a minimum of 17 2-day to 4-day modules / workshops that are delivered over a 6 to 8 week period. Training is conducted in Ottawa but can also be made available across Canada and throughout the world.

NPSIA-PTD Diplomatic Training Modules can also be delivered individually or together to meet short-term training needs.

All modules are delivered by training and subject area experts. They include NPSIA Faculty and Senior Associates who are former Canadian Ambassadors and Executive Level Foreign and Public Service professionals and Private Sector leaders.



Diplomatic Skills:
Communications and Public Engagement

  • Networking and Advocacy
  • Communication Strategies
  • Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Media Relations
  • Effective Intercultural Relations
  • Hosting Skills, Entertainment and Etiquette

Diplomatic Skills:
Mission Management

  • Political and Economic Reporting
  • Treaty Writing and Other Forms of Diplomatic Correspondence
  • Protocol, Organizing Visits
  • Consular Activities, Diplomatic Rights and Privileges
  • Embassy Management
  • Project Management for Diplomats
  • International Negotiation
  • Living Abroad
  • Role of Spouses in Diplomacy

Diplomatic Seminars:
Subject Matter Workshops

  • Diplomacy and International Law
  • The United Nations System – Multilateral Diplomacy
  • Global Finance: Investment and Trade Diplomacy
  • Security Policy: Alliance and Partnership Diplomacy
  • Arms Control and Disarmament
  • Intelligence and Diplomacy
  • Environment and Health Diplomacy
  • Human Rights Diplomacy
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Energy and Natural Resource Diplomacy
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Diplomacy