This Executive program is an intensive, 2-day workshop in the principal elements of policy analysis and strategic planning as they apply to a variety of international, public policies.


Registration: registration is closed.  Before proceeding please review our cancellation and withdrawal policies here.

Location:  TBD
Time:  9 AM to 4:00 PM daily
Parking:  available on campus
Fee:  early registration: $ 1300.00 + HST until  _______ , ____ and then Regular registration: $ 1,600.00 + HST.

NPSIA-PT&D and NPSIA alumni along with members of the Ottawa Diplomatic Association may register at the Alumni rate of $1,000.00 + HST.

Program description:

The program is organized around the various stages of an applied problem-solving model of the international policy process.  Cases and exercises are used to illustrate their application in the analysis and formulation of Canada’s international security, trade and development policies.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to

• identify a policy problem for inclusion on the governmental policy agenda

• identify the objectives that any potential solution would need to achieve in addressing the problem

• identify the various alternative solutions that are available to address the problem

• construct a consequences matrix for the various alternatives

• use matrix analysis to assess the alternative solutions, identifying the advantages and disadvantages associated with each and executing tradeoffs among them

• identify performance criteria to assess implementation


The course is designed for:

• middle and senior officials involved directly in international policy formulation,  implementation and evaluation;

• representatives of the private and nonprofit sectors who are involved directly in the policy dimensions of Canada’s engagement in the world; and

• individual consultants and others interested in increasing their understanding of the design, negotiation, implementation and evaluation  of Canada’s international policies.

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