NPSIA-PT&D is very pleased to offer the executive cap-stone of HPI – Hugh A. Palmer, Inc.’s PSS – Pipeline Security Specialist ™ program.

This 1-day workshop has been developed for industry executives and senior management to enable them to develop a greater understanding of Critical Infrastructure Protection. The course discusses the complex linear security challenges presented in pipeline projects and the executive planning challenges in developing effective protection strategies for Critical Infrastructure.

The Executive Certificate is ideal for Directors, Senior Managers, Executive Security and Operations personnel and Corporate Officers and Governors.

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NOTE. This workshop is not scheduled for delivery in 2014-2015.

Learning objectives in this workshop include:

  • discuss the reality of potential threats and adversaries on their international projects including an understanding of target assessment and attack methodology
  • identify the executive security planning challenges in a Critical Infrastructure – networked asset  project
  • learn how to assess the effectiveness of current specialised physical and technological security solutions in order to make informed buying decisions
  • discuss the future  in Critical Infrastructure Protection including the security challenges to their individual operations and methods to implement and integrate specialty security team training and techniques

Who should participate?

Prospective candidates should be senior Directors, Managers and Executive Officers and Corporate Governors.

All candidates will be vetted and must provide corporate credentials certifying that they are security professionals, military, Government employees in the resource, industry, environment or law enforcement sectors, energy industry personnel, and educators and researchers responsible for the training and preparation of security personnel.

HPI and NPSIA-PT&D reserve the right to exclude any prospective candidate from this workshop on a ‘Without Prejudice Basis.’

Featured presenter:

Hugh A. Palmer is a leader in international pipeline security consultancy. He is the consulting author and subject matter expert for the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) Pipeline Security Guidelines and former chairperson and member of the ASIS International Energy Security Council. Hugh is also a university lecturer, speaker and international panel member for corporate and government agency pipeline security programs.