NPSIA-PT&D training and development programs are designed to meet the on-going educational needs of our graduate program alumni, the international foreign service community throughout the world, and the broad scope of public, non-profit and private sector professionals who wish to manage international relationships with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

NEW DATES: April 25-27, 2017 The Practical Certificate in National Security Intelligence

September 2017 – The Practical Certificate in International Social Protocol – Network, Cocktail and Dining Etiquette

October, 2017 – The Executive Certificate in International Policy Analysis and Strategic Planning

October,  2017 – The Practical Certificate in Foresight Analysis and Planning

October 2017 – The Practical Certificate in Foreign Intelligence Assessment

February, 2018 – The Professional Certificate in International Negotiation

February 2018 – The Professional Certificate in Intergovernmental Negotiation