The Practical Certificate in Insider Risk Management – Foundations for Screening and Risk Factors

NPSIA-PT&D is pleased to announce the Winter 2024 offering of the Practical Certificate in Insider Risk Management, offered in cooperation with the Canadian Insider Risk Management Centre of Excellence.  This two-day, online workshop provides participants with an understanding of insider risk awareness and establishes an analytical foundation for managing the security screening process of applicants and/or employees while recognizing risks inherent in the management of personnel security.  We are delighted to offer this program in support of International, Public Affairs and Private Sector professionals involved in Critical Infrastructure Protection, National Security and Public Safety.

Dates:  Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21, 2024.

Registration: Registration is now open.  Before proceeding please review our cancellation and withdrawal policies here.

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Training Location: ONLINE
Time: 9:00 AM – 4 PM, daily
Program Fee: $ 700.00 + HST

About the Practical Certificate in Insider Risk Management

Concern about insider threat and continuous assurance has increased exponentially for government, public and private organizations, which has put the onus on employers to focus upon human factors when establishing controls to protect their critical assets. While organizations rely upon personnel screening and parameter-based security measures to prevent insider risk, these measures often prove insufficient as personal circumstances change and evolve over an employee’s career. As personnel security is a driver of decision-making, the act of making judgments affecting a person’s life and livelihood imposes a heavy responsibility on those individuals charged with assessing a person’s reliability. Workshop participants will learn to understand several key areas of consideration involved with personnel security screening processes in either public or private industry. A criteria framework is utilized to evaluate individual behaviour and circumstances to arrive at an objective and defensible employment decision.

Learning objectives of the workshop:

• broadened understanding of insider risk and the security screening process,
• heightened ability to recognize (red flags), detect and defend against insider risks within their organizations,
• introduction to motives or personal situations that may increase an employee’s likelihood to act out against an employer,
• practical knowledge of a risk factor framework used to recognize behaviours indicating potential employee
concern and management of residual risks,
• awareness of continuous assurance (aftercare) measures that can be used with current employees, as well as considerations upon departing an organization,
• understanding of personal social media presence and related company strategies.

IMPORTANT!  Please note, this workshop is not designed to provide an overview of how to stand-up, or refine an existing, insider risk management program. It is an operational methodology course that forms a foundational component of a fully implemented insider risk management program.

Featuring Brian Thompson

Mr. Thompson has over 40 years of experience in the Canadian Forces, National Defence and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Over the past several years, he has conducted risk-based security screening and Insider Risk training, as well as advised and consulted on various Personnel Security files. He holds a M.A. degree in Personality Psychology from the University of Manitoba and is certified as an Insider Threat Program Manager and Vulnerability Assessor from Carnegie Mellon University.