NPSIA-PT&D provides non-credit, short-term training and development programs to help meet the ongoing educational needs of professionals seeking international careers or who are undertaking work in an international secretariat at home or abroad.  Whether engaged in the military or public service, the Non-Governmental community or global-business sectors, NPSIA-PT&D programs are designed to enhance skills in both general and specific International Affairs management environments.  Our programs cover a broad range of professional learning, from workshops in International Negotiation and International-Critical Infrastructure Protection to International Policy Analysis and Strategic Foresight training.

A total spectrum of learning opportunities is offered through our Practical to Executive levels of Certificate programming.  This includes NPSIA-PT&D’s Certificate in Practical International Affairs Management, meant to introduce essential management skills and concepts for men and women new to international focused work, to Executive decision-makers who are responsible for creating and maintaining complex global relationships in an environment of crossing cultures, sectors and interests.

Who we are

NPSIA-PT&D is comprised of over 20 full and part-time faculty, associate trainers, consultants and volunteers including former Canadian and International Ambassadors, Executive level Foreign Service professionals, Carleton University Research Chairs and NPSIA Alumni.

All programs are managed through the Office of the Director for Professional Training and Development at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.

The Associate Director and managing principal of Professional Training and Development is Bryan Henderson.

A NPSIA alumnus, Bryan possesses over 20 years experience in international human resource development, education and project management consulting.

What we do

NPSIA-PT&D offers professional training in core knowledge and competency areas including negotiation, mediation, communication, mission management, intelligence, policy analysis and planning, and leadership, to name a few, within the domain and practice of international affairs.

NPSIA-PT&D also supports the professional training and development activities of the Organized Research Units attached to NPSIA including the Centre for Trade Policy and Law and the Centre for Security, Intelligence and Defence Studies.

Training and development programs are delivered throughout the regular calendar year, on an open-registration basis, and are also delivered on on a customized basis through bilateral and institutional Learning Agreements.

Training takes place on campus at Carleton University or on location throughout Canada and the world.

NPSIA-PT&D also maintains learning professionals and experts to respond to client needs for customized training and governance and institutional capacity building consulting.


Oversight of NPSIA-PT&D is the responsibility of the School’s Executive: NPSIA Director Dr. Yiagadeesen (Teddy) Samy.