The Practical Certificate in International-Critical Infrastructure Protection, Physical Network Security and Corporate Social Responsibility Management

This practical certificate workshop has been designed for management and officials from industry, government agencies and law enforcement that have responsibility for the security of Critical Infrastructure network assets that are physical and linear in nature. This includes but is not limited to pipelines for the distribution of refined gases and liquids ( including petroleum products, chemicals and water); wire and cable for the transmission of electric power, telephony and data communication over land/sea; and last but not least, road and rail transportation networks.

It will enable participants to develop a greater understanding of Critical Infrastructure Protection including the key role of Corporate Social Responsibility and how to integrate its management into project planning and operations.

The workshop explores the complex nature of physical network security challenges and threats, and presents lessons learned in current international projects and how to apply those lessons in developing effective protection strategies for future Critical Infrastructure management.

This workshop will next be offered: Wednesday February 21 and Thursday February 22, 2013

Registration:  Registration for this workshop is now open.  Please download the registration form here.

Training Location: Room 509A Dunton Tower

  • Parking: available on campus
  • Time: 9:00 AM – 4 PM, daily
  • Program Fee: $800.00 + HST until February 9, 2013
    • $1000 + HST after February 9, 2013
    • NPSIA, IPIS and NPSIA-PT&D Alumni: $725.00 + HST

Workshop Objectives:

Working cooperatively on situational workshop projects participants will:

  •  Understand the challenges of protecting linear and networked Critical Infrastructure Assets
  • Develop an understanding of the adversary target assessment process
  • Learn the phases and processes of CIP projects to identify your key network assets
  • Discuss how to effectively integrate Corporate Social Responsibility into your CIP projects
  • Review the ‘Lessons Learned’ in international critical infrastructure projects
  • Discuss the reality of  current and future threats and adversaries for major critical infrastructure projects in international and domestic operations