NPSIA-PT&D is very pleased to announce that the next offering of our Advanced Certificate in International-Critical Infrastructure Protection, Pipeline and Linear Network Security program in cooperation with HPI – Hugh A. Palmer, Inc., will be this June 1 – 5, 2015 at Carleton University in Ottawa, On Canada.

Designed to develop professional skills in protecting national and international Critical Infrastructures, with a focus on pipeline networks and their associated facilities, this workshop forms the second part of NPSIA-PT&D’s PSS Foundation workshop (Parts 1 and 2).  Participants who successfully complete this certificate may then take Part 3 of the HPI – Pipeline Security Specialist™ course to receive their Master’s certificate.

The next workshop: Monday June 1 to Friday June 5, 2015

Registration: To registration for this program is now open.  Please click here for the registration form.

  • Training Location: Carleton University,  Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Parking: free
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Time: 8:00 AM – 6 PM daily
  • Program Fee: $ 2,600.00 + HST
  • Residence option:  yes, please contact the Director by email:

For further information about the PSS program please visit

IMPORTANT – The Advanced Certificate is presently only available to those who register to participate in the Professional Certificate workshop, from June 2 to 6, 2014.  Previous PSS alumni wishing to take / re-take Part 2 of the PSS must contact the Director.

This 5-day workshop focuses on practical field exercises and demonstrations in Operational Skills including the development of Right of Way (ROW) inspection techniques, Incident Scene Data collection, and the analysis of incident location elements.  Participants MUST have a level of fitness and health sufficient to participate in out-door activities including walking 2-6 KM per day.  Participants will also be required to supply their own kit including steel-toed boots, helmet, goggles and gloves.

Participants complete the program with the Advanced Certificate in International-Critical Infrastructure Protection, Pipeline and Linear Network Security and, pending an administrative review, will then be allowed to proceed to the final part 3 component of the HPI – Pipeline Security Specialist ™ credential.

Note. the satisfactory completion of Part 1 of the PSS, either through NPSIA-PT&D or through other PSS sanctioned training, is a prerequisite for participation in the Advanced Certificate in International-Critical Infrastructure Protection, Pipeline and Linear Network Security workshop.

Who should participate?

All prospective candidates must have successfully completed Part 1 of the PSS prior to starting this workshop.  Candidates will be vetted and must provide corporate credentials certifying that they are professionals who have, are or will be employed in the field of industrial protection.

HPI and NPSIA-PT&D reserve the right to exclude any prospective candidate from this workshop on a ‘Without Prejudice Basis.’

IMPORTANT – International Candidates

Prospective candidates seeking to participate in this workshop and who require visas for entry to Canada MUST complete their registration WITH payment by the prescribed date on the workshop registration form to receive a Letter of Welcome, validating their entry to Canada for the duration as a training program participant.

NOTE!!!!!! It is the responsibility of the candidate and/or his/her employer to determine the procedures, requirements and processing time of the local or regional Canadian Consular Office. To learn more please visit:

Receiving a letter of welcome from NPSIA-PT&D provides no guarantee or warrantee that a candidate will have sufficient time to acquire a visa to Canada.

Featured presenters:

Hugh A. Palmer is a leader in international pipeline security consultancy. He is the consulting author and subject matter expert for the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) Pipeline Security Guidelines and former chairperson and member of the ASIS International Energy Security Council. Hugh is also a university lecturer, speaker and international panel member for corporate and government agency pipeline security programs.