Networking and Advocacy
This module focuses on the core of the diplomatic profession: how to represent and deliver the policies of one’s national government, including those of a political, economic or security nature.

Communication Strategies
This module identifies skills and various strategies useful to successfully developing a policy and seeing it accepted and implemented on the international level, bilaterally and multilaterally. This includes effective communication with counterparts and basic information about effective telephone and email communication.

Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
This module provides practical training and feedback on the tools used by successful public speakers and presenters, including effective use of technological or visual aids.

Media Relations
This module develops the skills and knowledge required by a diplomat in order to use the media effectively for communication, including preparing press releases and media interviews.

Effective Intercultural Relations
This module provides training to enable success while working in a global environment of many cultures.

Hosting Skills, Entertainment and Etiquette
This module trains the diplomat in basic hosting skills, entertainment strategies and etiquette for a variety of purposes and circumstances.