The Professional Certificate in International Energy and Natural Resource Infrastructure Protection

Designed to develop professional skills in protecting national and international Critical Infrastructures, with a focus on pipeline networks and their associated facilities, this workshop is offered in conjunction with HPI’s industry recognized Pipeline Security Specialist™ Programme.  This unique workshop is also designed for professionals responsible for the protection of physical, linear, networked assets including hydro-electric distribution, fibre optic, and road and rail systems.

This intense 4 – half-day, online workshop consists of four modules, delivered in a series of lectures and team projects.

Please note.  This workshop is no longer available as an open-registration program.  For custom offerings please contact the Associate Director, Bryan Henderson.

The workshop modules include:

  • Introduction to Energy and Natural Resource Protection and Security
  • Adversary Assessment Methodology
  • The Protection Process concept
  • Specialized Techniques for networked asset Protection and Energy and Natural Resource incident response.

Learning objectives in this workshop include:

  • understanding the project cycle as a tool for the study and analysis of critical infrastructure protection
  • develop analytical skills using adversarial assessment methodology
  • systematically apply adversarial assessment methodology in practice
  • new techniques and prescriptive insight for managing energy and natural resource security functions and enhancing operations
  • learn specialized investigation techniques applicable to resource network incidents and threat response

Who should participate?

All prospective candidates will be vetted and must provide corporate credentials certifying that they are  professionals employed in industry, government and / or military or law-enforcement.  This workshop is particularly relevant for Operations and Maintenance personnel, inspectors and integrity managers as well as safety and security personnel working with pipeline, power-transmission, and rail and road transportation .

Featured presenter:

Hugh A. Palmer is a leader in international pipeline security consultancy. He is the consulting author and subject matter expert for the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) Pipeline Security Guidelines and former chairperson and member of the ASIS International Energy Security Council. Hugh is also a university lecturer, speaker and international panel member for corporate and government agency pipeline security programs.