The Practical Certificate in International Social Protocol – Networking, Cocktail and Dining Etiquette: a professional workshop in social graces for students, graduates, individuals and families, from all-walks-of-life, who would like to reinforce/enhance their social skills.

Join Margaret Dickenson as she presents NPSIA-PT&D’s Practical Certificate in International Social Protocol – Networking, Cocktail and Dining Etiquette workshop.  This unique 1-day skills development program provides the basic rules of social protocol as well as instruction in appropriate networking, cocktail, dining and entertaining etiquette.

Interested in learning about social protocol and business etiquette this Summer 2022?  Join us for the new Certificate in Conventional Protocol and Social Etiquette this coming August 22, 2022, an abbreviated version of this workshop.  Learn more here.

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Date:  TBD
Location: TBD
Time: 10:30 AM – 3 PM
Parking: available on campus
Fees:  Students & recent graduates: $125 + HST, Alumni: $275.00 + HST, General: $325.00 + HST

Are you a graduate of this workshop?  NPSIA-PT&D invites previous participants to refresh your skills and enroll at the student rate!

About the Practical International Social Protocol – Networking, Cocktail and Dining Etiquette

The workshop begins with a lecture that covers the essential rules of social etiquette.  We then move to a formal reception complete with served food and drink followed by a seated 3-course lunch. Participants then learn about the important roles of hosting and being entertained in cross-cultural and professional environments. In this lecture we highlight the differing roles of a host, the employee of a host and of a guest.  Finally, we conclude with a brief discussion on professional conduct and reputation / risk management.

Learning objectives in this course include:

  • appropriate ways to present oneself and others
  • how to access conversational groups of various sizes and cultures
  • business card presentation and etiquette in business and social environments
  • the basics of proper dining, cocktail and entertainment etiquette including the handling of food and drink
  • restaurant and formal dining etiquette – as a host and as a guest – includes learning seating plans and accepted styles of  using cutlery for all courses of meals
  • appropriate topics of conversation for effective communication in social / non-work environment
  • professional and ethical considerations in social / cross-cultural circumstances.

 Our featured instructor:  Margaret Dickenson

Margaret Dickenson is bestselling author of Margaret’s Table and From the Ambassador’s Table which have both won multiple international awards including Best Entertaining Cookbook in the World.

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