Certification and Accreditation

NPSIA-PT&D offers a series of Practical, Professional and Executive level certificates for the successful completion of our non-credit training programs. Each class of certificate is offered according to a “spectrum of learning” where, generally, the Practical certificate is given for programs designed for junior professionals while the Professional and Executive programs introduce more expert knowledge.  These latter programs tend to require greater peer participation and thus greater professional experience is expected from participants for the training cohort to fully benefit.

NPSIA-PT&D also recognizes proficiency in proven methods for managing Public and International Affairs.  In September 2012 NPSIA-PT&D became the first professional training institute to support the SageBargaining® method developed by our principal negotiation trainers: Dr. Brian Tomlin and Dr. Michael Dolan.  SageBargaining® is presently available through our certificate workshops in International and Intergovernmental Negotiation and is offered in cooperation with the Centre for Public and International Affairs Training and Development (CPIAT&D).

What is SageBargaining®?

SageBargaining® is a decision support tool designed to assist individual professionals, negotiating teams and senior managers in the development and implementation of effective negotiation strategies.  The power of SageBargaining® can be applied at three distinct, but complementary, levels.  At the individual level, SageBargaining® acts as a guide, planning tool, and analytic framework for developing negotiating positions, anticipating opposition tactics, and establishing longer-term strategic interests.  Then, by continuously testing underlying assumptions and insisting on a well-defined, comprehensive and rigorous negotiating strategy, SageBargaining® helps negotiators map out their strategy, react intelligently to the actions of others, and assess trade-offs at each stage in the negotiation process.  As negotiators begin to plan tactics and strategy, it is critical to the negotiation process that each team member understands both the details of different issues and positions, as well as the bigger picture as it unfolds. At the team level, SageBargaining® works as a consensus-builder and group planner / coordination tool.  By forcing the team to work through the negotiation strategy in a systematic and comprehensive way, SageBargaining® helps to build group support for negotiation objectives and helps to maintain consistency and cohesion throughout the process.