The Executive Certificates in Intergovernmental and International Negotiation

The Executive Certificate in Intergovernmental or International Negotiating is a 2 to 4-day training and negotiation consultation workshop that uses the SageBargaining method taught in our Professional Certificate workshops as an assessment and planning tool for organizing and executing inputs to current complex intergovernmental or international negotiations.

This workshop is available on a custom basis only.

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Learning objectives in this course include a review of the following:

  1. The choice of the optimal outcome.
  2. The design and execution of a negotiating strategy to achieve the optimal outcome.
  3. The importance of continuous preparation before and during the negotiations.
  4. The management of the process of negotiations.
  5. The deployment of negotiating techniques.
  6. The role of presentation and the importance of listening and comprehension.
  7. The ability to react quickly to changed circumstances.
  8. The capacity to explain the process and the outcome to different audiences.

Consultative objective of this course include:

  1.  Correct and precise application of the SageBargaining™ method to current negotiations.
  2.  Professional consultation by experienced practitioners of Intergovernmental / International Negotiation planning and management methods.
  3. An external review of the negotiation plan with critical assessment and suggested improvement based on the SageBargaining™ method.


A sponsor presently or about to engage in a complex intergovernmental or international negotiation.

For further information please contact Bryan Henderson at or 613.520.2600 x1371


BT Brian W. Tomlin is a former professor and Director of The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton, he has also served as Chair of the Centre for Trade Policy and Law at Carleton and the University of Ottawa, Editor of the Canadian Foreign Policy journal, and Senior Academic Advisor at the Canadian Foreign Service Institute in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. He has written extensively on international bargaining and negotiation, public policy analysis, and Canada’s international policies.
michael_Dolan Michael Dolan is a former Professor of Political Science and Political Economy at Carleton University. He completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University in social relations, and completed his masters and doctoral studies in international relations at The American University in Washington, D. C. Dr. Dolan was the founding Director of the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton. Prior to teaching full-time in the Department of Political Science, he taught in the School of International Affairs and established the core theme in international political economy in 1982. Within the Department, Dr. Dolan has been Acting Chair, Supervisor of Graduate Studies and Undergraduate Studies.

Dr. Tomlin and Dr.  Dolan hold Secret Security clearance with the Federal Government of Canada.  All training will be conducted in a secure learning environment to assure confidentiality of Government business.