Designed to develop professional skills in protecting national and international Critical Infrastructures, with a focus on pipeline networks and their associated facilities, HPI’s Pipeline Security Specialist™ program is an intense 15-day workshop consisting of 3-parts: Part 1 PSS Classroom Component, Part 2 PSS Practical Component and the Part 3 PSS Advanced Practical Component.

This Master’s program covers all 3 parts of HPI PSS certification and is offered over 15 days.  It is designed specifically to meet the initial training needs of qualified candidates who are seeking to achieve immediate accreditation.

In Part 1 participants complete five modules, delivered in a series of lectures and team projects.  A written exam is performed at the conclusion of Part 1.

In Part 2 participants complete the PSS Practical Component by carrying out intensive field exercises and demonstrations.

In Part 3 participants complete the training requirements for their PSS credential in the Advanced Field component.

For further information about the PSS Programme please visit

  • Date: Not currently scheduled for 2014-2015
  • Training Location: Canmore Nordic Ski Centre, Canmore Alberta Canada
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Program Fee: $ 7,500.00 + GST
  • Hotel / Residence Option: please contact HPI at


The training team introduces the Pipeline Security Specialist™ Team Concept to provide candidates with specialized techniques for identifying key assets and vulnerable locations, recognizing adversary target assessment and attack methodology, responding to incidents, collecting Incident Scene Data and conducting incident  location analysis.

Learning objectives in this workshop include:

  • Understanding the project cycle as a tool for the study and analysis of critical infrastructure security
  • develop analytical skills using the HPI adversarial assessment method of ‘Think Like Your Adversary’
  • learn how to systematically apply the HPI adversarial assessment method in practice
  • new techniques and prescriptive insight for managing the pipeline security function and enhancing pipeline security operations
  • learn specialized investigation techniques applicable to pipeline network incidents and threat response

Who should participate?

All prospective candidates will be vetted and must provide corporate credentials certifying that they are security professionals, military, Government employees in the resource, industry, environment or law enforcement sectors, energy industry personnel, and educators and researchers responsible for the training and preparation of security personnel.

HPI and NPSIA-PT&D reserve the right to exclude any prospective candidate from this workshop on a ‘Without Prejudice Basis.’

IMPORTANT – International Candidates

Prospective candidates seeking to participate in this workshop and who require visas for entry to Canada MUST complete their registration WITH payment no later than 6 weeks in advance of the workshop start date so that they may receive a Letter of welcome, validating their entry to Canada for the duration as a training program participant.

NOTE!!!!!! It is the responsibility of the candidate and/or his/her employer to determine the procedures, requirements and processing time of the local or regional Canadian Consular Office. To learn more please visit:

Receiving a letter of welcome from NPSIA-PT&D does NOT provide a guarantee or warrantee that the candidate will  acquire a visa to visit Canada.

We regret that we are not able to provide a full fee refund for international participants who withdraw from the program within 4 weeks of the start date.

Featured presenter:

Hugh A. Palmer is a leader in international pipeline security consultancy. He is the consulting author and subject matter expert for the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) Pipeline Security Guidelines and former chairperson and member of the ASIS International Energy Security Council. Hugh is also a university lecturer, speaker and international panel member for corporate and government agency pipeline security programs.