Assistant Professor Kyla Bruff

Assistant Professor Kyla Bruff has been awarded a SSHRC Explore Early Career Research Grant for a project on the ethics of ecotourism in the Sarapiqui region of Costa Rica.

The project seeks to collaboratively apply knowledge in critical theory and environmental ethics to assess (a) whether sustainability practices in ecotourism in the Sarapiqui region of Costa Rica benefit local people, and (b) whether local people who work in ecotourism experience alienation from nature in relation to the marketing and economic profit of ecotourism. It builds on Dr. Bruff’s previous work in applied environmental philosophy.

The grant will involve training two Carleton undergraduate students in conducting and synthesizing primary research, event coordination, translation practices, presenting research, and interdisciplinary collaboration. They will travel to Costa Rica with her this year and assist in conducting on-the-ground research at the UNA-Sarapiqui campus and in producing the follow-up report based on their trip.

Congratulations Dr. Bruff!