Phd Mohamed Abdelazez (supervised by Adrian Chan and Sreeraman Rajan) placed third in the recent 2018 Three Minute Thesis competition. His research is on using the heart’s electric signature as a password. Mohamed described his research this way: “In the future you’ll protect your privacy with your heart. The biometrics most commonly used are usually your fingerprints or your face, but high-resolution photography could easily allow anyone to capture your digits or create a mask with multiple angles of you face.”

Password rules are becoming absurd, he said, and companies are shifting to biometrics to secure private information. His thesis describes how a person can be identified, whether they are running or sitting down, using a database of electrical heart pulses. The biometric is very accessible but hard to steal. Watch his presentation here. After all, it will only take 3 minutes!

Congratulations Mohamed!

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