In conversation with CBC’s Neil Macdonald on November 9, 2015

Mohamed Fahmy: “It’s a global epidemic now. Probably the worst breach of human rights and press freedoms in a generation.” 

The state of press freedom in Canada and abroad, the dangers journalists face carrying out their work, the ability of journalism to make a difference—Mohamed Fahmy weighs in on these issues and more during a conversation with CBC senior correspondent Neil Macdonald.

Fahmy, the former Al Jazeera Egypt bureau chief imprisoned by the Egyptian government for more than a year, was finally released in September 2015. He was brought to Carleton University by the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom and the School of Journalism and Communication, speaking to a packed house on November 9, 2015.

^ Fahmy in conversation with CBC’s Macdonald

^ Fahmy takes questions from the audience

This event was sponsored by the Faculty of Public Affairs, the Canadian Medical Association, and the Canadian International Council (National Capital Branch).

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