Rena Bivens, Assistant Professor

Prof. Rena Bivens has published an article in the latest issue of No More Potlucks, a Canadian online journal of arts and culture.

Drawing on personal and professional experiences, Prof. Bivens questions “to what extent can we know or reckon with sexual violence when survivorhood codes have the potential to engulf all that surrounds them.”

The piece, entitled “Coding Sexual Violence, or Realizing your ‘Survivor’ Identity is Part of the Problem,” can be read in full online.

Prof. Bivens is an Assistant Professor in the Communication and Media Studies program, whose research investigates social media software, gender, and journalism practice.

She is currently working on a SSHRC-funded project called ‘Imagining the Future with Speculative Design: Reconfiguring How We Think, Talk, and Intervene in the Problem of Sexual Violence.’

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