The Canada C3 ship in the Arctic

Carleton Journalism graduates Felicity Feinman and Mireille Sylvester recently participated in the Canada C3 expedition, an incredible 150-day sailing voyage from from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage. A Canada 150 signature project, the Canada C3 expedition saw 300 Canadians embark on a former Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker to celebrate Canada and help connect them to their country, its history, and its peoples.

Felicity Feinman, Carleton University Journalism class of 2014

The ship travelled to some of the most remote places in Canada, including Anticosti Island, Torngat Mountains National Park, the Sam Ford Fiord, the Smoking Hills, and Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site.

Sylvester and Feinman were both hired as social media producers on the expedition.

They wrote and posted bilingual content for a variety of mediums, constantly updated Canada C3’s social media pages, took photos, shot and edited 360 videos, wrote press releases, interviewed participants and helped grow the expedition’s audience – all while eating, sleeping and travelling on the Canada C3 ship.

Mireille Sylvester, Carleton University Journalism class of 2014

They saw some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Canada, met hundreds of inspiring people, and by the time the expedition had finished, had reached over 6 million Canadians.

To learn more about this extraordinary expedition and view multimedia content from each of the 150 expedition days, visit

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