A number of our professors and graduate students participated at this year’s annual conference of the Canadian Communication Association (CCA), held in Vancouver, British Columbia from June 3-5, 2019.  Founded in 1980, the CCA is a national, bilingual organization that brings together teachers, researchers and professionals from the public and private sectors to promote the investigation of communication issues in Canada.

Our colleague Mary Francoli is currently serving as the President of the CCA.

M.A. student Kemi Obando presenting at 2019 CCA Conference.

M.A. student Kemi Obando presenting at 2019 CCA Conference.

Papers presented and sessions chaired by faculty and graduate students included:

  • Vincent Andrisani and Maggie MacAulay, “Pretty Good…for A Girl”: Gender and Performance On Drumming Instagram”.
  • Rena Bivens, “The Inevitable Life of Sexual Violence: Failure, Repair, and Design Justice”.
  • Miranda Brady, “Autism Moms: Gendered Constructs and Lived Experiences of Women Raising Children On The Spectrum”.
  • Hannah Dick, ”Rights Versus Freedom? The Cultural Politics of Christian Legal Advocacy Work In The U.S.”.
  • Irena Knezevic, Chair, “Critical Perspectives at the Intersection of Food and Communication Studies”.
  • Kirsten Kozolanka, “Building an Inclusive Society to Challenge Fake News: Public Media, Alternative Media and Journalism”.
  • Chris Russill and Kemi Obando (MA), “Bunkering Infrastructure: Oil, Extraction, and Politics In The Anthropocene”.
  • Sarah E.K. Smith, “Networking Museums: The Global Cultural Work of Unesco’s Museums Division”.
  • Liam Cole Young, Participated in Roundtable on “Field Work, Paper Work: Fragmented Histories of Communication Studies In Canada”.  Professor Young also presented the paper, “Salt: Fragments From The History of A Medium”.
Ph.D. student Bethany Berard presenting at 2019 CCA Conference.

Ph.D. student Bethany Berard presenting at 2019 CCA Conference.

Papers presented by graduate students included:

  • Bethany Berard (Ph.D.) “Evidence of Things Unseen: Photography and The Production of Public Information”
  • Gabriela Capurro, (Ph.D.) “Just Clean Your Hands!”: Communicating and Negotiating The Risk of Contagion In A Pediatric Ward”.
  • Agnes Malkinson, (Ph.D.), “A Bitter Pill For Canwest’s Ills: The Canwest Mediaworks’ Charter Challenge of Canada’s Ban On Direct-To-Consumer Advertising”.
  • Chelsea Nash (M.A.), “‘zucc’d’ Means You’ve Been ‘Zuckerberg’d’: Sex Worker Activists Resisting Censorship On Instagram”.
  • Shaunel London (M.A.) “Platforms Against People: YouTube, Black Comediennes, and Algorithmic Bias”.
  • Benjamin Klass (Ph.D.), Participated on roundtable on mobilizing knowledge to transform governance.  He also delivered the paper, “The Consumer’s Interest In Canadian Communication Markets: Information Asymmetries and The Production of Ignorance”.
  • Sarah MacLean (Ph.D.) and Simon Hatcher, “The (Health) Surveillant Assemblage: The Case of The Beacon Smartphone Application”.
  • Scott Mitchell (Ph.D.) “A Silent Tsunami Is Coming”: Assigning Blame In The Antimicrobial Apocalypse”.
  • Raven-Paige Wilkinson (M.A.), “Diaspora’s Dialect: Cultural Exchange and The Transformation of Jamaican Patois In The Greater Toronto Area”.

The next CCA conference will take place at Western University in London, Ontario in June, 2020.

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