Dr. Sojung Bahng, an internationally-recognized digital media storyteller, has joined the Bachelor of Media Production and Design (BMPD) program at the School of Journalism and Communication as a postdoctoral fellow. She has an academic background in filmmaking, art theory, journalism and media art.

For many years, Bahng has been working with new media storytelling projects and received recognition worldwide, including at film and art festivals (FIVARS, BIAF, TSFM, ANIMAZE, SIMA, and NDC) and academic conferences and symposia (ISEA, ArtsIT, ICIDS, TEI, and SIGCHI). During her PhD studies at Monash University in Australia, she produced three cinematic virtual reality (VR) projects to explore how cinematic VR can elicit self-reflection in sociocultural contexts. Her doctoral thesis was awarded the Mollie Holman award for the best thesis of the year.

As a media practitioner and researcher, Bahng has been investigating how media practice and creation can generate academic knowledge through practice-based research and research creation. She is particularly interested in the roles of self-reflection and subjectivity in non-fiction storytelling through digital media in the post-truth era. At Carleton she will explore effective ways of using digital media to tell and share personal, subjective stories but for sociocultural impact.

Bahng has been working on research projects with Dr, Vicky McArthur, Program Director of BMPD. By collaborating with BMPD students, she is currently investigating how VR could be an effective tool to tell stories about COVID-19, especially for university students. In addition, Bahng is designing a mobile self-care application with AtionLab Inc. for young adults who live alone. She aims to build a digital platform for one-person households to share their ideas and stories, build healthy habits and create a sense of community within a safe distance.

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