Hearing Aid

Model: EasyLink 0682 

The company started as the AG für Elektroakustik in 1947 by French-Belgian investors. The first hearing aid was manufactured in 1978, which launched Phonak marketing in Germany and France. In 1958 to 1987, the company went through many changes including the name from Phonak Holding AG to the Phonak Group and then the Phonak House. In 1989, the company started producing in US and later launched the PiCS Hearing Computer. In 1995, they launched AudioZoom, the multi-microphone technology and in 1996 the company launched MicroLink, the world’s smallest FM receiver. SmartLink was the first hearing aid that allowed users to have a wireless connection between them and their phone. In 2004, the company produced Savia the hearing aid from bionic system for natural hearing. Phonak continues to operate and produce hearing aids today. 

This product was put on the market in 2005 to be “used by hearing-impaired people” and needed to be used in tandem with hearing aids to provide high sound quality with the push of a button. The internal microphone picks up sound at the source and delivers it directly to the hearing aids through proprietary technology or FM receivers.   

On loan from Prof. Tracey Lauriault

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